Frequently Asked Questions about the EEPT

What is the EEPT and how does it work?
The Early English Placement Tool program is designed to provide high school students with information on their preparation for college level English composition courses. The EEPT is a shortened version of the UW English Placement Test, using items retired from that instrument. It is 45 minutes long and can be taken on-line or printed and used in a paper and pencil format. Scoring on-line is automatic. Scoring for the paper version can be done with a key or students can use an on-line answer template to enter their answers so that scoring happens automatically. The form can be used either in a classroom setting or by students at home.

What information does the student get?
The student will receive a placement level reflecting his/her English composition preparation compared to Freshman composition classes at each UW campus

What information does the teacher get?
Teachers can request summary data by class or course to get a snapshot of group preparation.

Is the EEPT limited to high school juniors?
No. Any student can be given access to the EEPT by high school faculty. For example, this program might be of interest to high school seniors who are planning on attending a University of Wisconsin campus and would like to take a practice test before taking the actual English placement test.

How much does it cost?
The EEPT is free to the schools and teachers participating in the program.

How do I sign up?
If you would like to participate, please visit our website at Or you can contact us at:

UW Center for Placement Testing
1025 W. Johnson St., #373
Madison, WI 53706
Phone: (608) 262-5863
FAX: (608) 263-4291

What if I want to administer the EEPT in a paper and pencil format?
There is a link on the EEPT website where you can download and print .pdf versions of the test. In order to access the paper and pencil version of the test you will need to have Adobe Reader installed. The software is free from Adobe and available at

Why didn’t I get my password when I registered?
Some school districts have put a very high security level on their spam filters that reject automatically generated e-mails. If that is the case in your district, please ask your IT folks to put on your whitelist of approved, legitimate e-mail addresses.


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