University of Wisconsin Center for Placement Testing


Most University of Wisconsin System campuses require students to take placement tests. The majority of students will take the exams the spring before their freshman year during the Regional Testing Program. Regional Testing registration begins in February each year, and various testing dates are offered throughout spring and summer. Students who don't test during the Regional Testing Program must make arrangements with the campus they are attending to take the test at other times of the year. Please refer to your admissions letter or the contact the campus you plan on attending for information about which placement tests you are required to take.

The Center for Placement Testing is administered by Testing and Evaluation Services. The Center leads committees of faculty and instructional staff from various UW System campuses in developing placement tests which are used system-wide for incoming freshmen. Staff from Testing and Evaluation conduct studies to support the development of these tests and effectively use the results to place freshman into appropriate levels in math, English and foreign language courses. Follow the links below for specific information regarding the University of Wisconsin Placement Tests.