UW-Whitewater Mathematics Requirements

Your actual mathematics placement at UW-Whitewater will be based on a placement test which is very similar to the test given in the Junior Testing program and on your ACT or SAT mathematics score. Your score on the actual placement test could be higher if you study mathematics during your senior year and perhaps lower if you do not. The purpose of the Junior Test is to give you an indication of where you are now so you can plan your senior year mathematics program.

Below are listed the highest level mathematics courses you would need to take for the programs at UW-Whitewater. Refer to the mathematics requirements and then to your mathematics skill level identified below.

If you are interested in learning more about mathematics requirements for different fields of college study, your guidance counselor or mathematics teacher will be able to help you find the information. They can also help you plan your senior year schedule in a way which will be most beneficial to you.

uw-whitewater math course sequence chart

UW-Whitewater Mathematics Course Sequence

Major Required Mathematics Courses
College of Arts and Communication
Art, Speech, Journalism, Music, and Theater Math 140 or 141
College of Business and Economics
Accounting, Economics, Finance, Management, and Marketing Math 243 or 250 or 253
MCS Math 250 or 253
Business Education Math 140 or 141
College of Education
Communicative Disorders, Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Special Education Math 140 or 141
Safety Math 230
Elementary Education Math 112
College of Letters and Sciences
Biology Math 342
Chemistry Math 255
Economics Math 243 or 250
Geography* Math 140 or 141
History* Math 140 or 141
MCS Math 254
Mathematics 18 credits beyond Math 255
English* Math 140 or 141
German, Spanish, French* Math 140 or 141
Physics Math 361
Political Science* Math 140 or 141
Public Policy & Administration Math 231
Psychology Math 143 or 152
Social Work* Math 140 or 141
Sociology* Math 140 or 141
Women's Studies* Math 140 or 141

* The highest Mathematics courses listed for these majors are those required for the BA degree. For the BS degree, the highest courses required would be five credits of Level Three courses.


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