UW-Superior Mathematics Requirements


uw-superior math course sequence chart

UW-Superior Mathematics Course Sequence

Listed below are majors offered at UW-Superior along with the highest level mathematics course required to complete each of them. Typically, a student would start at UW-S in the mathematics course indicated by their (actual) placement exam result and work through mathematics courses to at least complete the highest level course required by the desired major. Of course, it is often the case that many more mathematics courses are taken than this minimum requirement.

Majors Required or Recommended Mathematics Courses
Visual Arts, Music, Theater, Art Education Math 112
Music Education Math 112
Behavioral Sciences
Psychology Math 130
Sociology Math 112
Biological Sciences
Botany, Zoology Math 130
Accounting, Business Administration, Finance Math 151 or Math 240
Marketing, Computer Information Systems Math 151
Communicating Arts, Journalism, Mass Communications, Speech Education Math 112
Community Service
Criminal Justice, Social Work Math 130
Elementary Education Math 230
Health Sciences and Professions
Pre-professional, Med Tech Math 130
English, Literature Math 112
Mathematics and Computer Science
Liberal Arts, Computer Science Option Education Math 240 +
Physical Sciences
Chemistry Math 240 +
Social Sciences
Economics Math 151
History Math 112
Political Science Math 130

In addition to these major requirements, obtaining a degree from UW-S means also that a student must complete certain General Education requirements. In the area of mathematics, the General Catalog for UW-Superior currently reads:

The mathematics requirement is 3 to 5 credits of mathematics at the level of MATH 104 or above.

At UW-S, MATH 104 is Intermediate Algebra and corresponds roughly to Level 2 for the placement exam. Thus, a Level 3 result indicates that the student is beyond this requirement. However, the Gen Ed requirements are in transition and the new demand may more accurately correspond to Level 3. Thus, if these General Education demands are of concern, it is advisable to contact UW-S and inquire about the current status.



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