UW-Stout Mathematics Requirements

Each of the courses listed below is a one semester course. Your actual mathematics placement at UW-Stout will be determined by your overall score on a placement test very similar, though longer, than the EMPT. Your score on the actual UW System Placement Test may be higher or lower depending on various factors. One factor which generally improves scores is taking a mathematics class as a senior in high school.

uw-stout math course sequence chart

UW-Stout Mathematics Course Sequence

Major Required Mathematics Courses
Apparel Design Manufacturing Math 118
Applied Mathematics Math 153
Applied Science Math 153/156
Art Education Math 118
Business Administration Math 123
Career, Technical Education & Training Math 118
Construction Math 153
Dietetics Math 120
Early Childhood Math 118
Engineering Technology Math 153
Family and Consumer Education Math 118
Food Systems and Technology Math 120
Golf Enterprise Management Math 123
Graphic Communications Management Math 121
Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management Math 118
Human Development and Family Studies Math 118
Information Technology Management Math 153
Manufacturing Engineering Math 153
Marketing Education Math 118
Packaging Math 153
Psychology Math 120
Retail Merchandising and Management  
  • Buying & Product Management
Math 123
  • Store Operations Management
Math 120, 121, or 123
  • Human Resource Management
Math 118
  • Fashion Marketing
Math 118
Service Management Math 123
Technology Education Math 121
Technical Communication Math 118 or 120
Vocational Rehabilitation Math 118

The general education analytic reasoning requirement is 6 credits, of which the listed mathematics course will be either 4 or 5 credits.  The mathematics course listed for each major is the minimum that will count towards fulfilling the analytic reasoning requirement.  At least one more course will be needed from areas including math, logic, statistics or computer science and is specified by major. 

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