UW-Platteville Mathematics Requirements

The purpose of the Early Mathematics Placement Tool (EMPT) is to give you an indication of where you would place if you were to enter UW-Platteville at this time and to give you information on the Mathematics requirements for various majors.  However, your actual placement into a mathematics course at UW-Platteville will be based on the UW System Mathematics Placement Test.  This test is given in the spring of your senior year and is similar to the EMPT, but longer.  Your score on the UW System Mathematics Placement Test could be higher or lower than your EMPT level depending on the choices you make for mathematics study in your senior year.   You should definitely plan to schedule an appropriate college preparatory mathematics course in your senior year of high school.  This will enhance your chances of beginning your studies with a required college mathematics course and hopefully avoid the need for remediation.

At UW-Platteville, every student has to satisfy the general education requirement in Mathematics.  This is done by passing a mathematics course numbered 1630 or higher.  Even students who do not need mathematics for their major programs have to satisfy this requirement.   Following is a list of the required mathematics courses for all majors at UW-Platteville.  If you wish to begin your college career with the courses that are most important to your field of specialization, then you should make sure that you have mastered all the prerequisite mathematics courses at your high school during both your junior and senior year. 

If you have additional questions regarding mathematics requirements at UW-Platteville, please call the Mathematics Department at (608) 342-1741.  For more information about the UW-Platteville campus or a specific major, visit the university website at http://www.uwplatt.edu.

uw-platteville math course sequence chart

UW-Platteville Mathematics Course Sequence


Required Mathematics Courses


Agri Business


Agricultural Education

Gen Ed course

Ag-Plant Breeding & Genetics


Animal Science

Gen Ed course (except Vet. Med-1830)

Soil and Crop Science

Gen Ed course




1830 and 2640

Broad Field Science

Biology, Chemistry, or Earth Science concentration

(2530 or 2450) and (2640 or 1830)

Physics concentration

2640, 2740, and 2840



2630 and either 1830 or Econ 2410

Business Administration

1730 and 1830 or Econ 2410


2640 and 2740

ACS approved major

2640, 2740, and 2840

Biochem emphasis

2640 and 2740

Criminalistics emphasis

2640, 2740, and 1830

Communication Technologies

Gen Ed course

Computer Science

Computer Technology Emphasis

2640 and 2730

Computer Information Systems Emphasis

1630 and 1830

Criminal Justice


Education (Early childhood/middle childhood B-11)

1030, 2030, and 3030


Civil Engineering

2640, 2740, 2840, 3630, and 4030

Electrical Engineering

2640, 2740, 2840, 3630, and one of 2730, 3230, 3830, 4030, 4430 or 4530

Engineering Physics

2640, 2740, 2840, 3630, and one of 3230, 3730, 3830, 4030, 4430, or 4530

Environmental Engineering

2640, 2740, 2840, 3630, and 4030

Industrial Engineering

2640, 2740, 2840, and 4030

Mechanical Engineering

2640, 2740, 2840, 3630, and 4030

Software Engineering

2640, 2740, 2840, 2730, 4030, and either 3230 or 3630 (Control Track 2 must take 3630)


Gen Ed course

Fine Arts

Gen Ed course


Gen Ed course


Gen Ed course


Gen Ed course

Foreign Languages

Gen Ed course

Forensic Investigation



Gen Ed course


Gen Ed course

Industrial Technology Management

1830 and either 2450, 2530, or 2640 depending on MPL

Building Construction Management Option

1830, 2450, or 2530 and 2640

International Studies

Gen ed req


40 credits of mathematics at or above Math 2640

Media Studies

Gen Ed req

Ornamental Horticulture

Gen Ed course


Gen Ed course

Physical Education

Gen Ed course

Political Science

Gen Ed course



Reclamation, Environment & Conservation

1830 and either 2450 or 2530

Social Science Comprehensive

Gen Ed course

Speech Communication

Gen Ed course

Sustainable & Renewable Energy Systems


SRES Development & Management Emphasis

1830 and 2630

SRES Design & Analysis Emphasis

2640, 2740, and 4030

Technology Education

Gen Ed course



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