UW-Parkside Mathematics Requirements

uw-parkside math course sequence chart

UW-Parkside Mathematics Course Sequence

General Education Requirement - Computational Skills
To develop effective basic computational skills necessary to an informed citizenry, and as support for other disciplines, satisfied by an introductory course in algebra, or a survey course of mathematics, either Math 111 or Math 102 (with a grade of C- or better) or waived if placement is above Math 111 or Math 102. The General Education requirement must be completed within the first 60 academic credits taken.

Majors Required Mathematics Courses
Business 112
Art, Communication, Dramatic Art, English, Geography, History, Modern Language, Music, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology, Humanities Consortial Nursing, Interdisciplinary Programs Basic mathematics skills equivalent to Math 102 or Math 111
Economics 221+
Biological Science 221
Chemistry 221+
Computer Science 221+
Consortial Engineering 221+
Geology 112 and 113
Mathematics 221+
Physics 221+


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