UW-Oshkosh Mathematics Requirements

The following information is designed to help students interpret their EMPT test results with respect to Mathematics requirements at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. The EMPT test is a shorter version of the actual UW Mathematics Placement test which every student is required to take upon entering in a UW System university. These tests establish a placement level which determines where a student enters the Mathematics course sequence. The EMPT program gives high school students a preview of where they would place if they were to start college at this time.

At UW-Oshkosh every student must satisfy the General Education Requirement in Mathematics. This can be done by placing at level 3 on the actual placement test or by completing, with a grade of C or better, one of PBIS 187, 188 or 189. A college program of courses leading to the Bachelor of Science degree(BS) requires additional Mathematics. For students placing at level 1, a total of 11 credits is required; at least three credits at level 1, at least three credits at level 2 and at least three credits from the additional list below. For students placing at level 2, a total of eight credits is required; at least three credits at level 2 and at least three credits from the additional list below. For students entering at levels 3 and 4, three credits are required from the following list.

Additional list:

Calculus: Math 171, Math 206, Math 172, Math 175

Statistics: Math 201, Math 301, Econ 210, Psych 203, Soc 281, Psych 341, Crim Jus 281

Computer Science: Compsci 221, Compsci 262

The UW-Oshkosh Mathematics Department requires the use of a graphical calculator, such as the TI-83 or TI-84, in several math courses including Math 103,104, 106, 108, 171, 172, 273 and 204. It is helpful for students to gain experience with this technology while still in high school.

uw-oshkosh math course sequence chart

UW-Oshkosh Mathematics Course Sequence

Majors Required Mathematics Courses
Art General Education Requirements
Biology/Microbiology 171
Accounting, Management Information Systems, Finance, Operations Management, Human Resources, Management, Marketing 204, 206
Chemistry 171, 172+
Drama, Speech, Theater, Radio/TV/Film General Education Requirements
Computer Science* 122, 171, 201 or 301
Economics 171 or (204 and 206)
Education** General Education Requirements
English General Education Requirements
Foreign Language and Literature General Education Requirements
Geography General Education Requirements
Geology 171, 172
Health Physical Education and Recreation General Education Requirements
History General Education Requirements
Interdisciplinary Studies General Education Requirements
Journalism General Education Requirements
Mathematics about 40 credits including 171, 172
Medical Technology BS degree requirements
Music General Education Requirements
Nursing General Education Requirements
Philosophy General Education Requirements
Physics and Astronomy* 171, 172+
Political Science General Education Requirements
Preprofessional Education
Healthcare Professions General Education Requirements
Engineering 171, 172+
Law General Education Requirementsd
Veterinary Medicine 104 and 106 or 108, 201
Psychology 104, 108 or 204
Public Affairs General Education Requirements
Urban and Regional Studies General Education Requirements
Religious Studies/Anthropology General Education Requirements
Social Work General Education Requirements
Sociology General Education Requirements


+ Additional mathematics required.

* Mathematics requirements vary with emphasis

** For licensure to teach mathematics about 8 mathematics courses are required.

More information on UW-Oshkosh programs and courses may be obtained from the admissions office at (920) 424-0202. Information is also available on the World Wide Web at http://www.uwosh.edu.

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