UW-Milwaukee Mathematics Requirements

The following information is designed to help students interpret their EMPT test results with respect to the requirements and the mathematics course sequence at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. The EMPT test is just a shorter version of the actual UW Mathematics Placement test which every student is required to take entering a UW System college.

In both cases the placement test score establishes a placement level which determines where a student enters the math course sequence. The EMPT program provides high school students the opportunity of a trial run, to find out where they would be placed if they were to start college at this time.

At UW-Milwaukee every student has to satisfy the general education requirement in Mathematics. This can be done either by reaching placement level 3 on the actual placement test or by earning at least three credits with a grade of C or higher in one of the courses Math 105, Math 106, or Math 175. (Please consult the math course sequence and course descriptions below). Even students who don't need math for their major programs have to satisfy these requirements. The math requirements for specific major programs are also listed below and should help students to determine:

1. what the first Math course would be they can enroll in, given their placement level on the test,

2. how many more courses they would need to take in the sequence to fulfill the general math requirements at UW-Milwaukee and/or the Math requirements of a particular major.

In any case, students should definitely plan to schedule an appropriate math course in their senior year in high school. It will enhance their chance of beginning their study with a required college level math course and hopefully avoid the need for remediation .

uw-milwaukee math course sequence chart

UW-Milwaukee Mathematics Course Sequence

Majors Required Mathematics Courses
Architectural Studies 105, 116, 117
Art, Dance, Music Theater, Fine Arts Education General Education Requirement
Behavioral Sciences
Psychology, Sociology General Education Requirement
Biological Sciences
Biological Science, Biological Aspects of Conservation 105 & 211 or 105, 116, 117 & 231
Business Administration
Accounting, Finance, Industrial Operations Management, Industrial Relations, Management Information Systems, Marketing, Production and Management Science, Real Estate and Urban Development 105 & 211 or 105, 116, 117, 231 & 232
Library and Information Science, Mass Communication General Education Requirement
Communication 105, 215
Community Service
Criminal Justice, Social Work 105
Military General Education Requirement
Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, Exceptional Education 175
Community Education General Education Requirement
Secondary Education-Math 231, 232, 233, 234 & additional higher level math courses
Secondary Education-Science 231, 232, 233, 234, plus six additional math credits
Engineering & Applied Science
Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Materials Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Civil Engineering 231, 232, 233 & higher level electives
Mechanical Engineering 231, 232, 233, 234 & higher level math electives
Health sciences
Health Science, Medical Record Administration, Medical Technology, Speech Pathology, Audiology 105
Medical Science pre-Med & pre-Dental 105, 116, 117 (Calculus highly recommended)
Medical Science pre-Pharmacy 105, 116, 117 & 231
Occupational Therapy, Nursing General Education Requirement
English, Literature, Classics, Art History, Languages, History, Philosophy General Education Requirement
Mathematical/Computer Sciences
Mathematics, Applied Math and Physics 231, 232, 233, 234 and additional higher level courses
Computer Science 231, 232, 233, 413 and additional higher level electives
Physical Sciences
Chemistry, Geological Science, Physics 231, 232
Social Sciences
Anthropology, Political Science, International Relations, Afro-American Studies, History, Law Studies General Education Requirement
Economics 105, 211
Geography 105

General Education Requirement - Students must satisfy the General Education Requirement in Mathematics prior to achieving junior standing. The mathematics requirement may be satisfied by achieving a placement level of at least 3 or earning at least 3 credits with a grade of C or higher in Mathematical Science courses 105, 106 or 175.


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