UW-Madison Mathematics Requirements

 Requirement for all UW-Madison students - Quantitative Reasoning

Every Madison student must meet a two-part Quantitative Reasoning requirement to graduate.

Part A: Sufficiently high placement score or a designated course in Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science or formal logic.

Part B: An additional course from a designated list of courses having a substantial component of quantitative reasoning. This list includes courses from many departments.

The "sufficiently high" placement score to satisfy Part A of this requirement is placement into Mathematics 114. A student who has done well (grade of A) in an academically rigorous Algebra II course in high school has a reasonable expectation of attaining this score if she/he maintains her/his mathematics skills and understanding until reaching college. Your EMPT score from this program gives you an indication of where you presently stand. However, it is your actual placement score from next year that will determine whether you meet Part A by means of test score.

uw-madison math course sequence chart

UW-Madison Mathematics Course Sequence

Major Required Mathematics Course
Ag Bus Mgt, Ag Econ, Wildlife 211 + stat, comp sci
Ag Engineering 211 or 221 + stat, comp sci
Ag Ed, Ag Journalism, Agronomy, Dietetics, Entomology, Food Science, Forest Sci, Horticulture, Landscape Architecture, Nutrition, Poultry Sci, Rural Soc, Soil Sci 112, 113 + a course from calculus, stat or comp sci
Dairy Sci, Animal Sci, Plant Pathology 112 + stat
Art, Music, Theatre & Drama Q.R. only
Biological Sciences
Microbiology 112 + 113, calc + stats
Biochemistry 222
Genetics 221 or 171 + 217
Medical Microbiology and Immunology Q.R. only
Molecular Biology 222 or 213 + stats
Botany, Zoology Q.R. only
Actuarial Sci 431 + stats
Finance 213 or 222
Accounting, Info Systems, Management & Human Resources, Marketing, Operations Info Mgt, Real Estate, Risk Mgt & Insurance, Transportation & Public Utilities 211
Comm Arts, Journalism, Radio Television, Film Q.R.- A and B
Continuing and Adult 112
Early Childhood, Elementary, Secondary, Family, Consumer and Community 101, Q.R., more
Chemical 234 + higher math and stats
Civil, Geological, Material, Mechanical 234
Electrical & Computer, Eng Mechanics, Industrial, Nuclear 234 + higher math
Family Resources & Consumer Sciences
Human Development & Family Studies, Textile & Apparel Design Q.R.-A + stats
Consumer Sci, Retailing Q.R.-A + 210, 211 or 221 + stats
Interior Design Q.R.-A
Health Sciences & Professions
Dietetics 112, 113 + stats
Exercise Sci 211
Med Technology 113
Occupational Therapy 101 + Q.R. (112 recommended)
Physicians Assistant 101 + Q.R.
Pre Med 113 (calc recommended)
Pre Vet Stat + Q.R.
Rehab Psych 101 unless exempt, then Q.R.-A and B
Art History, Area Studies, Classics, Ethnic & Gender Studies, History, Languages & Literatures, Integrated Liberal Studies, Philosophy Q.R. only
Mathematical Sciences
Applied Mathematics, Engineering & Physics Program, Computer Sciences, 222 + higher math
Mathematics, Statistics 234 + higher math
All majors 221
Physical Sciences
Astronomy-Physics 222
Atmospheric & Oceanic Sci 234
Chemistry 222
Geology & Geophysics 213 or 222
Physics 234
Social Studies
Economics 211 or 221
Anthropology, Geography, International Relations, Political Science Q.R. only
Sociology, Social Work, Psychology Stat + Q.R.

*In the listings above, Q.R. stands for Quantitative Reasoning (see previous section). Q.R. requirements apply to students in ALL majors and programs, but are only mentioned for majors whose specific mathematics course requirements are no higher than Mathematics 101.



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