UW-La Crosse Mathematics Requirements

The purpose of the Early Mathematics Placement Testing Program is to give you an indication of where you would place if you were to enter UW- La Crosse at this time and what the Mathematics requirements of various majors are. We hope you use your Senior year appropriately so you can begin the mathematics required of your major in a timely manner. Studies have consistently shown that students who take college preparatory mathematics in their senior year in high school progress through the college curriculum more rapidly than those who do not.

Your placement into a mathematics course at UW- La Crosse will be based on the UW System Mathematics Placement Tests which are similar to the Early Mathematics Placement Tests, but longer. Other factors affecting your placement will be your high school background and your chosen major. Accepted students will be sent information on the UW System Placement Tests ( English Foreign Language and Mathematics) in the spring of their senior year.

On the back of this sheet are listed the highest level mathematics courses you will need for various majors at UW - La Crosse. If you refer to the mathematics requirements and to your skill level, you should get some indication of how much more mathematics preparation will be necessary to major in the fields you identified.

If you are interested in learning more about the mathematics requirements for different fields of study, your mathematics teacher or guidance counselor will be able to help you. They can also help you plan your senior year schedule in a way that is most beneficial to you.

More information on UW - La Crosse can be obtained from the University (608) 785 - 8000 or on the World Wide Web at http://www.uwlax.edu

Note: All students at UW- La Crosse must take at least one mathematics course as part of the General Education Requirements. This course must be chosen from MTH 150 College Algebra, MTH 151 Pre Calculus, MTH 175 Applied Calculus, or MTH 145 Elementary Statistics unless your major requires otherwise.

 uw-la crosse math course sequence chart

UW-La Crosse Mathematics Course Sequence

UW-La Crosse Mathematics Requirement by Major 


Required Mathematics Courses

 Allied Health


Nuclear Medical Technology


Clinical Lab Science

145 and 150

Physical Therapy (Doctorate only), Physicians Assistant (Masters only) , Radiation Therapy

145 and 151



Art, Music, Theater Arts

General Education

Biological Sciences



145 and 150


General Education

Biomedical Science Concentration

145 and 150

Aquatic Science,  Cellular and Molecular Biology  and Environmental Science Concentrations

175 or 207 and 145

Behavioral Science



General Education





Accountancy, Business Administration, Economics, Finance, Information Systems, Management, Marketing

175 or 207 and 145



Communication Studies

General Education



Elementary, Middle School

125 and General Education

Exercise and Sports Science


Adapted PE, Athletic Training, Coaching, Fitness, Physical Education, Sports Management, Strength and Conditioning

General Education

Foreign Language


French, German, Spanish

General Education

Geography/Earth Science



General Education

Geographic Information Science Concentration

145 and 305

Environmental Science Concentration

145  and 305



Community Health, School Health Education

General Education



English, Philosophy

General Education

Mathematical Sciences


Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics

207 and 208 +



Recreation Management, Therapeutic Recreation

145 and 150

Physical sciences


Chemistry, Physics

207 and 208 +

Social Sciences


Archeology, History, Political Science

General Education





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