UW-Green Bay Mathematics Requirements

 Your actual mathematics placement at UW-Green Bay will be based on a placement test which is very similar to the tests given in the Early Mathematics Placement Test (EMPT).

Your score on the actual placement test could be higher if you continue your study of mathematics during your senior year. The purpose of the EMPT program is to give you an indication of where you stand now so that you can plan your senior mathematics program.

In the following pages you will find the mathematics requirements established by the academic programs at UW-GB. Refer to the mathematics requirement for your chosen field of study and then to your mathematics skills level below. That should give you a good idea of how much more mathematics preparation will be needed so that you can major in your chosen program of study.

The bottom line is this: if you wish to begin your college career with the courses which are most important to your field of specialization, then make sure that you have mastered all the prerequisite mathematics courses at your high school during both the junior and senior year.

If you are interested in learning more about mathematics requirements for different fields of college study, your guidance counselor or mathematics teacher will be able to help you find that information. They can also help you plan your senior year schedule in a way which will be most beneficial to you.

uw-green bay math course sequence chart

UW-Green Bay Mathematics Course Sequence

Mathematics Requirements for UW-Green Bay Programs and Majors

The following is a listing of the mathematics requirements established by particular academic programs at UW-GB, beyond the minimum years of college preparatory mathematics courses required for admission.

Majors Required Mathematics Courses
Natural Sciences
Biology Math 101
Chemistry Math 203 (Math 209 for certified major)
Engineering Math 209
Mathematics Math 209 plus additional advanced course work
Earth Science Math 104 plus additional credits in computer science and statistics
Environmental Science Math 104
Environemental Policy and Planning Math 101
Health Science; Cytotechnology Math 104
General Human Biology; Exercise Science; Nutritional Sciences/Dietetics Math 101
Physics Math 203
Human Development Math 101
Information Sciences Math 104
Computing Science Math 202 (Math 203 plus additional advanced course work for interdisciplinary track)
Professional Programs
Accounting; Business Administration; Interdisciplinary Studies; Nursing Math 101
Ages 0-8 certification Math 281/282
Ages 6-12/13 certification Math 281/282 and Math 104
Ages 10-21 certification Math 209 plus additional advanced course work
Social Sciences
Economics Math 202
Political Science; Psychology; Public Administration; Social Changes and Development; Social Work; Sociology; Urban and Regional Studies Math 101
Humanities and Fine Arts
(if getting teaching certification in the discipline please see the Education requirements above)
Anthropology; Art; Communication; Communication and the Arts; Corporate Communication; English; First Nations Studies; French; Geography; German; Global Studies; History; Humanistic Studies; International Studies; Music; Philosophy; Physical Education; Spanish; Teaching English as a Second Language; Theater; Women’s Studies No math requirement


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