Regional Placement Testing Program


Registration begins on February 1, 2014.


As we try to provide greater flexibility and accessibility to students needing to take their University of Wisconsin placement tests, we have made some significant changes in test administration. Along with our usual paper and pencil placement tests, we are also offering students the option to take the tests using a computer-based testing (CBT) method of delivery. Students can take the paper/pencil method of past years at one of many Regional Testing sites for no additional charge. Students will also be able to take CBT tests using their own laptops at some special Regional Testing dates at specific sites or take CBT tests at a location of their choice. CBT testing does require students to pay additional fees which are outlined in the information below. If none of these options works, students need to contact the campus they are planning to attend for other options.

The battery of tests includes math, English and your choice of foreign language (French, German or Spanish). Please refer to the admissions letter you received from the campus you will be attending for information about which tests you must take and the length of time needed between when you test and when you can attend your advising session. This is very important because several campuses will require your placement test results before you can register for classes. Some campuses require you to complete your tests 1-2 weeks before advising. Important Note: You will need to bring a government-issued photo ID (your high school ID will suffice as long as it has your entire name and a photo) to the testing site.

Special Accommodations due to a Disability:
Do not register online if you are requesting special accommodations due to a disability. If you wish to request special accommodations due to a disability, please send a letter on your high school letterhead (please do not send an IEP) from a teacher, counselor or principal who will:
1. Describe what test accommodations are appropriate for you,
2. Include your address and telephone number,
3. Include which site you wish to test at,
4. Include what campus you plan to attend in the fall.

Send this information to Tim O’Connor, 1025 West Johnson Street, Madison, WI 53706.

Follow this link for Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Regional Testing

Follow this link for a list of contacts at each campus

Follow this link to find directions and maps to Testing Sites

Option 1 - Paper/Pencil Placement Tests at Sites in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Illinois

These placement tests are offered on specific dates at sites in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Illinois. There is no cost for entire battery of tests (Please note: the campus you are attending may charge a fee for placement testing, but that is separate from Regional Testing). All test materials are provided except for pencils and non-graphing calculator.


Option 2 -  Computer-based Placement Tests at Sites in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Illinois

These placement tests are offered on specific dates at sites in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Illinois. To participate in this testing option, students must provide their own laptop and install the necessary software prior to exam date. There is a fee of $40 for the entire battery of tests.


Option 3 - Computer-Based Placement Tests at a University/College Testing Center Site of Your Choice

This option for taking placement tests allows students to test at a university or college testing center at a location near their home. There are in-state, out-of-state and international exam locations available. A student can choose from a list of preapproved sites or find a site themselves and get this site approved to proctor the placement tests. This option allows students to either test with your own laptop or on a testing center computer, whichever method the testing center allows students to use. This option costs the student a $40 fee plus local proctoring fees. Please Note: You cannot take the tests using this option until after March 15, 2014.


Follow this link to register for any of the three placement testing options outlined above